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Self Defense Concepts - Krav Maga - Ground Defenses

Make no mistake, we are not a traditional martial arts dojo. Students keep their shoes on, they don't bow to instructors, and there are no trophies to win. Our aim is to develop and enhance your child's self esteem, coordination, balance, physical fitness, and situational awareness. We do this by providing them with one of the best self defense training programs in the area. Your child's safety and their ability to protect themselves against bullies, harmful encounters, and other potential threats is our main priority. For this reason we don't waste time breaking boards, providing false confidence, or sending punches and kicks into the air. 

"Walk away when you can, run when necessary, but if you must defend... at least know how" - CT


Come see for yourself why we are so excited about what our CT Kids Self Defense classes can do for your child/children! Ages 8 - 13yrs

Please be sure to specify which day (date) you would like to attend.

CT Kids Self Defense classes held from 4:30pm -5:30pm 



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