About Us


Our Classes

Not into taking off your shoes, bowing to a "master", or memorizing kata routines?? 

At Concealed Tactical we provide modernized drills, class exercises and training concepts to enhance your ability to defend yourself against real world encounters. For us self defense isn't about sticking to ancient customs and traditions, we cut straight to the chase and use every bit of your class time for personal development in one of the best defensive systems in the world!! Come enjoy our fun filled classes with curriculum that's easy to learn and easy to do regardless of age!


From Our Classroom to Yours

Self defense isn't always about punching and kicking, there's an intellectual aspect to personal safety that is covered in our classroom type presentations. We frequently visit small businesses and corporations to provide excellent education and training on a wide variety of topics such as handgun safety & operation, active shooter solutions, self defense laws & liabilities, the proper use of pepper spray, employee response training exercises (deals with how to handle aggressive customers, robberies, assaults in the workplace, etc) and much more. 

Whether you are a staff of 4 or 400, give us a call to schedule your next employee/group safety class with us! 


Special Events

Want to give your church, middle/high school, birthday party, family reunion, or neighborhood watch meeting a training event they'll never forget?? We've traveled locally and abroad, from one city to another to bring a uniquely different self defense experience that is hard to find anywhere else!! Our approach to self defense training is unmatched and we are proud of it! Let us cater your next special event with a fun, energetic, team building self defense event that everyone will enjoy!! You won't be disappointed. Call for more details or to book a date, but act now because our schedule fills up pretty quickly. 

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A Welcoming Environment

There aren't any strangers in our classes, no cliques standing in the corner, and no judgemental whispers or stares among our students and staff. Everyone is here to learn and grow while becoming a part of one of the best self defense training facilities in Madison, AL!